What Are The 7 Different Forms Of Art

 What Are The 7 Different Forms Of Art

Art is something that comes from within. You can polish your art skills but it is really difficult to learn the art from scratch if you have no feelings for it. Art is priceless which can take any shape or route. The art has no boundaries yet not limited to any country, any person, or any specifications.

With art, you can communicate your inner feelings or can spread the message to others.  There are many forms of art in the world but these can be majorly categorized in 7 forms. These seven forms of art are listed below:

  1. Drawing or painting:

Drawing or painting comes under visual art form which means artists use visual ways to express his or her feelings. The pencil drawing, charcoal drawings are most common in drawings. Along with these, sketching also comes in this category. Painting is the most common form of art that is used from long years ago.

People also represent their art pieces in the exhibitions to know the worth of their art where the art pieces of paintings and drawings are sold.

  1. Sculpture making:

Sculpture making is another art form that is 3 D art. In this, the artist makes sketches of people in 3 d form. There are two basic ways of sculpture making. In the first one, you need to make the sculpture by clay and give particular shape, in another way, a piece of stone or wood is used to give surveys. There are many sculpture ideas that you can get from the internet if you are a beginner.

  1. Calligraphy:

Calligraphy is a very pure form of art that also has commercial value. Artist writes verses calligraphy which is more likely to sold that any other calligraphy. There are numerous styles and fonts in which calligraphy can be done. Calligraphy is basically writing in unique styles so that it will look more appealing. It can be done by adding different styles, different font, shades, and colors.

  1. Photography:

Nowadays, photography is trending and done by every two or third person. But it is not something that you can learn without practice or skills. You can master this art form with some efforts. Photography includes not only capturing the images but also editing the images.

Photography is classified in many categories like wildlife photography that includes life animal photography, fashion photography, wedding photography, food photography and much more.

  1. Architecture:

Architecture is considered under applied art form. Someone has said that architecture is frozen music. Architecture has two types:

  • Applied art architecture
  • Commercial architecture

The best architecture is the one whose designs are not only applicable but also appealing and soothing.

  1. Fashion designing:

Fashion designing is an amazing art form. People take a degree in fashion designing to polish their skills and enhance their knowledge about it. Fashion designing includes creating a dress style and designs from little things and creating unique styles. It is not a simple task to do but a real artist can do it conveniently. There is also jewelry designing art form in which artists love to design the jewelry with every outfit or look with most inspirational and unique designs.

  1. Dancing and singing

Dancing and singing are two separate art forms that are for entertainment. People love to learn dancing and music. Both these forms are quite vast having a lot of categories like classic dancing, ballet dancing, salsa dancing, belly dancing, hip hop the dance style, tango dancing, freestyle dancing, tap dancing, classical singing, hip hop singing, rap-singing, instrumental singing and lots more.

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