Top 13 Famous Painters Ever Born

 Top 13 Famous Painters Ever Born

No one knows the best us of colors except painters. They transform their feelings into reality through the use of brush and colors. Their artistic approach attracts others towards their art and hence they feel their responsibility to make the best use of their art for social; welfare, wellbeing, and other good deeds.

Paintings basically depict the painter’s thoughts and feelings which surely is not compressed by each and every person, the art lovers and artists can get these. The people having great taste are capable to comprehend the true meaning and purpose that lies behind such an artistic and impressive masterpiece.

Below are mentioned 13 greatest painters in the world who are tremendous in their work and provided exceptionally paintings in history. Have a look at these great creatures that work amazing and gets a status of greatest painters:

  1. Paul Cezanne:

Paul Cezanne’s name comes sunder topmost artists in the world that has known for making the marvelous painting. He has made five versions of the painting: the card players. One of his paintings is sold out in 250 dollar million which comes under the top most expensive paintings in the world. Paul Cezanne was appreciated not by the people but also by the great painters of his time.

  1. Leonardo da Vinci:

Leonardo da Vinci is not an ordinary painter. He has painted a masterpiece of all time that is Mona Lisa. Mona Lisa is a superb painting that is expensively sold in its time, most popular and known all over the world.

  1. Diego Velazquez:

The amazing painter died in 1660 but provided with marvelous artworks to the audience. His artwork is unmatchable. He made paintings of the atmosphere.

  1. Pablo Picasso:

Pablo Picasso is another big name in the history of paintings. He’s one of the paintings got so much hyped and sold in 200 dollar millions.

  1. Giotto di Bondone:

He was ana amazing painter who was able enough to express different emotions into one painting frame. These pictures were marvelous in art and worthy of the price.

  1. Rembrandt Rijn:

He was amazing in his paintings and skills. He loved to create fascinating looks in his paintings that’s why he used the shades, lights, and shadow effects. His styles were so much popular that everyone started copying his style but the master can only be one.

  1. Wassily Kandinsky:

Wassily was the father of abstraction undoubtedly. There are many artists who express emotions in the paintings but Wassily was the one who has totally changed the mindset about art.

  1. Paul Gauguin:

Paul Gauguin improved very much in his paintings and made paintings with symbols and colors to depict the true meanings and essence.

  1. Jackson Pollock:

He was an American that worked for years. The most memorable years of his work are 1947 to 1950. In this time period, he made unforgettable paintings.

  1. Claude Monet:

Claude Monet made marvelous paintings but people mostly just see its outer beauty. His paintings are complex to understand the real meaning of the portrait that’s why he was sometimes underrated in history.

  1. Caravaggio:

Caravaggio is another great name in the history of art that has changed the concept of painting by adding different styles and design categories.

  1. Albrecht Durer:

He was a painter and nature lover. So he painted many paintings on the beauty of nature including plants and animals. He portrayed paintings in a new style that was loved by many people.

  1. Edward munch:

He was a modernist who expressed the meanings in the most modern and expressive way.


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