Stunning Mehandi Art Designs For Every Occasion

 Stunning Mehandi Art Designs For Every Occasion

Mehndi art is applying mehndi. Previously, mehndi designs were applied on the skin only but now the use of Mehandi designs is not limited. You can use such marvelous mehndi art in home décor, making paintings or doodles, etc. Without the stunning mehndi designs on the skin, happy events are incomplete for the girls.

Traditional Mehandi designs include motives, flowers, leave patterns, leaflets, Gol tikka, square tikka, and connected lines. Trendy looks include glittery designs like in the stickers, white Mehandi, vector designs, doodle designs, portrait designs, and much more. The portrait mehndi art is mostly done at the wedding.

Girls love to apply mehndi designs and beautify their skin. Some girls are obsessed with Mehandi art so they love tow ear it on every occasion of their life and even just in the usual days for a change. Below are mentioned stunning mehndi designs according to the respective occasions that you can use and get appreciation to form all people. Have a look at these:

Beautiful mehndi designs for the wedding:

Mehndi designs for wedding varies either you are going to attend a wedding or it’s your own wedding. If you are going to married soon, you can enjoy different mehndi designs. For nikah look, Gol tikka mehndi design is just perfect. It provides a simple yet traditional look to the nikah bride. On the actual wedding day, girls love to fully cover their hands and forearms with mehndi designs. Some love to apply Arabic mehndi designs.

Girls also write their husband to be named in the mehndi as it is a cute ritual. Bridemaids also apply beautiful mehndi designs but these mehndi designs are light that the bride’s mehndi. You can try making wedding portraits, it is mostly done by the bride.

Marvelous mehndi designs for eid:

On eid, girls love to look different in the appeal. So they try to wear most latest and trendy dree designs, jewelry and obviously mehndi. If girls are wearing traditional dresses like kurta or frock then they go for traditional designs like flowers, Ambi and leaves. For western look, they try out the vector designs or white mehndi.

Now, you can witness new eid mehndi designs like moon, lanterns, or stars drawing in the middle of the hand. It provides a traditional yet pious look according to the occasion.

Adorable mehndi designs for party or gathering:

For parties or gatherings, simple mehndi designs are appreciated. Like the designs that do not cover the hands full. It can be a simple flower bail, or fingers mehndi designs with a bracelet on the wrist. Thes e looks look adorable.

Pretty mehndi designs for casual days:

Some girls when getting bore, they apply mehndi or do makeup. It is a stress-relieving task for the girls. Girls find pleasure in adorning themselves in any way. On casual days, it totally depends on the girls either she wants a traditional look or the western look.

For this, there are also mehndi stickers are available in the markets. These mehndi stickers are temporary so you can wipe it off in a day or two when you do not feel to have it. With little modification in the Mehndi, motives can make it lovely and different from others.

Mehndi doodles:

Mehndi doodles are the trendy thing. People make doodles for fun and collaboration of mehndi designs in doodles is just amazing. These mehndi design doodles can be made on the skin, as well as having a unique and trendy look.  Try out different Mehandi designs to explore more and have astonishing looks.

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