Best Hands Henna Designs Ideas for Weddings

 Best Hands Henna Designs Ideas for Weddings

The importance of the wedding day in a girl’s life cannot be denied.   The girl wants to look perfect from head to toe at her wedding. Mehndi is one of the traditional things that enhance the look of a bride so she cannot take a chance on the henna designs. The henna designs are of various categories with the little differences in each; these differences entirely change the look of the mehndi print.

A bride is incomplete without wearing the henna. The henna on the hands makes the look of the bride perfect. If you want to keep your look simple like for the Nikah, then the Tikka mehndi is perfect for you. Are you searching for the best henna designs for a wedding? Then you are at the right place. For your convenience, we have provided some of the best hands henna designs for your wedding day that stuns everyone.

Arabic mehndi design:

Arabic mehndi is one of the oldest design styles of mehndi that girls love to wear. The Arabic mehndi design is not a simple henna design but it has few specialties. The Arabic mehndi designs include the simple motifs with the repetitions. The leaves, leaflets, flowers with sharp edges are quite common in the Arabic mehndi designs. The perfect flow of the henna in this beautiful design has real charm.

The diagonal patterns and the dotted lines look very pretty on the hands. The darker the henna color, the prettier will be its look. For this, the traditional ways are also used for making the henna color bright.

Unique mehndi designs:

In recent times, girls not only rely on traditional designs. They have evolved numerous unique henna designs that include the drawings. The drawings are made in accordance with the occasion. Like, in Ramadan, the henna designs include the moon, stars, and lanterns. For the wedding mehndi design, bride and groom, dholak, peacock, the swan is made usually.

This henna style is quite unique and trending, too. Girls pa extra attention and exert time in deciding the mehndi design for their important day of life. The portraits of the groom and bride can also be a unique and exciting option. For such mehndi designs, the practice requires.

Floral henna designs:

If you are confused and cannot help deciding the perfect design for you, then go for the floral henna designs. The floral henna designs are super easy to make but super stylish for every occasion. The bride with the beautiful flower on hands will make the perfect bridal look. The flowers can be made in different styles like you can fully cover your hand with the flowers or you can make the bracelet and the leading floral lines towards the fingers.

Mehndi designs for bridesmaids:

Not only the bride, but the bridesmaids are also very concern about her looks and mehndi. The mehndi designs that go best for the bridesmaids are the simple ones. Fully covered hands are mostly for the bride and the light designs are for the bridesmaids. It includes the small flowers, big size flowers, varying petal designs with edges or round shapes, leaflets and the connecting lines.



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