13 Most Expensive Paintings in the World

 13 Most Expensive Paintings in the World

The artists are the worthy creatures that do art which amuses others. No doubt, the art is priceless but still, there are few paintings or artworks that were sold out in the highest amounts. These paintings were so much pretty and meaningful that lots of people wanted to pay huge amounts to get these. Below are mentioned 13 most expensive paintings in the world:

1.       Mona Lisa:

This is the most famous and known painting in the world. It is a painting of Mona Lisa painted by Leonardo da Vinci. It was sold in 1962 at the highest price of that time that was 100 dollar million. If you compare that amount in today’s price, then it would be around 700 dollar millions which are quite huge for a single painting but not for the art.

2.       When will you marry:

This painting was painted by NafeafaaIpoipo. This beautiful painting of two women was sold out in 1892 for the amount of 300 dollars millions. It was a colorful painting depicting two women in a frame. It was sold in a private sale event but now it is stated that the royal family of Qatar has this marvelous art piece.

3.       The card players:

Paul Cezanne painted the card players which was sold out in 2011 in 250 dollar millions. It is said that the painter has painted five versions of the card players in whole life. The royal family of Qatar has purchased this artwork to form a private sale event.

4.       No. 6 (violet, green, and red):

Mark Rothko is the painter who is the master of this marvelous painting. This painting was also sold in a private sale for the amount of 186 dollar millions. It was the record of the artist as well.

5.       Les femmes D’Alger:

Pablo Picasso was the master behind this stunning painting. The painter has painted almost fifteen versions. This painting worth 200 dollars million USD. Not sure of the recent owner of the painting.

6.      Pendant portraits of Maerten Soolmans and Oopjen Coppit:

These are two paintings painted by the painter, Rembrandt. It is said that these two paintings should always be displayed as a pair. Rothschild family has purchased this painting that’s why now it is not visible in the public sites. Its rate was 180 dollar million.

7.       Nu Couche:

Nu Couche or reclining nude is the masterpiece art work of Amedeo Modigliani. It comes in top artworks that were sold at the highest rates all over the world. This artwork of a nude beautiful lady in red-colored background was sold in back 2015 in approximately 170m dollars. This painting beta the highest rate of the artist paintings.

8.       N0. 5, 1948:

This masterpiece contains organic lines and various colors like red, grey, yellow, blue. It was featured in a private sale in 2006 and sold for 140 dollar millions.

9.       Woman III:

It was painted in 1953 by Willem de knnoing. It was a large artwork of five feet which was sold for a37.5 dollar million USD.

10.   Le Reve:

Le Reve is an artwork made by Pablo Picasso in 1932 and sold in 2006 for 139 dollar million.

11.   Portrait of Adele Bloch –Bauer I:

This painting of Gustav Klimt is known commonly as a woman in gold. This artwork is sold out in 136 dollars, millions USD.

12.   Three studies of Lucien Freud:

Francis bacon is the painter behind this great artwork which was sold for 142.4 dollar million USD. This was the most expensive painting at that time.

13.   Portrait of Dr. Gatchet:

The painting gets sold in 1990 for 82.5 dollars million. The painter painted this masterpiece in the same year in which he had died.

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