13 Greatest Painters in the World

 13 Greatest Painters in the World

Painting is an art form that is associated with the visual arts category. Painters are the artists that express their feelings with paintings on the canvas. Usually, the painters give a message to the audience that is hard to express in another way. Such meaningful and amazing paintings are very worthwhile. There are a lot of paintings that get sold all over the world inexpensive rates.

There are many painters in the world, but few of them are amazing in their art. In other words, you can stay that are the masters of their art. Their paintings get sold hand by hand and a few of the top expensive paintings are their masterpieces. Have a look on top 13 painters in the world:

1.       Pablo Picasso:

Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso is a painter in the history of art. When you see paintings of Pablo Picasso you will find deep meaning in all of these. He painted his paintings with ambition and efforts to make a perfect piece.

2.       Giotto di Bondone:

Giotto di Bondone

It is not wrong to say that his name is able to write in gold letters for his art and art pieces he has made.  He is one of the finest painters whose work astonishes everyone. He is considered as the first real painter of all time.

3.       Leonardo da Vinci:

Leonardo da Vinci

The name of Leonardo da Vinci cannot be forgotten as he has made a marvelous and unforgettable painting of Mona Lisa. Mona Lisa painting is one of the topmost expensive paintings in the world. Al on with the most expensive one, it is the most popular n the world too.

4.       Rembrandt van Rijn:

Rembrandt van Rijn

He is an amazing painter of dutch. He not only makes other paintings or paintings to express but also make self-portraits. These self-portraits are outclassed depicting the real person.

5.       Paul Cezanne:

Paul Cezanne

Many great painters find Paul Cezanne their master due to his excellence in painting. He designs and paints in such a way that is not seen in anyone else paintings.

6.       Wassily Kandinsky:

Wassily Kandinsky

He got the title of “father of abstraction”. He has changed the view of people about art. He made amazing paintings with different styles that make people stuns every time.

7.       Diego Velazquez:

Diego Velazquez

This painter is known as the painter of the atmosphere. He uses his art in the best possible way to express the deep meanings and insights to the audience.

8.       Claude Monet:

Claude Monet

Only the artists or art lovers can get the idea of ones as it is full of hidden meanings.  His paintings have a spell that everyone is not easy to get.

9.       Caravaggio


He was the father of baroque paintings. He uses mostly;y the colors, shades, and lights in these paintings to make these more vibrant and expressing. He was the one whose paintings got so much hype and people started copying his style.

10.   Jan van Eyck:

Jan van Eyck

This painter is exceptional in his arts and makes paintings that have perspectives and thoughts.

11.   Joseph Mallord William Turner:

Joseph Mallord William Turner

He was the master of western paintings that makes the best landscapes. He makes freestyle paintings without any limitations, that’s why some people criticize him but he was one of the greatest painters in history.

12.   Albrecht Durer:

Albrecht Durer

He was innovative and genuine in his designs for painting. He loves to represent nature and its beauty ion is paintings.

13.   Jackson Pollock:

Jackson Pollock

1947 to 1950 is considered as the time of Jackson. He makes his most amazing paintings in this time era. Although the time period of three years is short for any artist but he made best use of it.

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